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New York Spring Conference and Show

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It's that time of year again, as SCA New York prepares its annual conference of workshops and recovery, capped several weeks later by a stage show, as only SCA New York can do it.

Info on the conference, taking place the weekend of May 15-16 at the Center, can be found here, and details on the show, being performed June 5-6 at the Hudson Guild Theatre, can be found here.

Los Angeles Workshop on Boundaries

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The above will take place at Plummer Park in West Hollywood on Saturday, May 9th from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  More details here.

It was a busy convention for the Inreach Committee.  In the past few years, as an ISO Representative from New York Intergroup, the Inreach Chair, Tony D., had participated in conventions remotely via Calliflower Connect often with disappointing results due to technical glitches.  Plans to attend the convention, hosted by Washington DC Intergroup, were not finalized until Wednesday prior to the start of the convention that weekend. 

Several pieces of literature were put before the assembled Intergroup Representatives for approval as "Conference Approved Literature."  Some items were rejected for different reasons, others referred back to the Literature Development Subcommittee of Inreach, and one piece approved as presented. 

  • Spiritual Recovery - Rejected
  • Sponsorship - Referred back to committee
  • SCA Q & A Newcomer's Guide - Referred back to committee for content.  Authors advised that final form to be determined by Fiduciary Committee.
  • Twenty Questions - Referred back to committee
  • The Tools That Help Us Get Better - Rejected
  • Translation of the Yellow Four Fold into German - Approved

Rejecting a piece of literature is not an action that is taken lightly, nor is approving a piece of literature for inclusion in the list of Conference Approved Literature a quick or easy process.  Literature often takes several years of development and revision before being approved at an ISO convention.  The last piece of literature approved was "Avoiding Common Pitfalls," which took three years.  

We now have Regional Coordinators for each region of the United States, the ex-U.S. Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia/Oceana.

Regional Coordinators are:

  • The America's outside the US,  -- Kevin B. (Toronto, Canada)
  • Asia/Oceana -- Gen S. (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Europe and Africa - John F. (Paris, France)
  • Eastern U.S. - Randy G. (Washington DC)
  • Central U.S. - Jim T. (St. Louis, MO)
  • Western U.S. - Robert B. (Los Angeles, CA)

The Inreach Committee serves as the nominating committee for the fellowship.  The following individuals were elected to office during this past convention.  Zoe M. ISO Chair, Kevin B. Director at Large, Linda E. was elected as Outside Director.   There is one remaining vacancy for Outside Director.  If you know of someone willing to perform that service, please contact Inreach at sca [dot] iso [dot] inreach [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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