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Introducing the New SCAnner Quarterly Edition

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The ISO is proud to launch a new quarterly version of the SCAnner which harkens to the original SCAnner's roots as a regular publication of SCA.

Future editions will include still-timely/relevant items published here during the prior three months, as well as new items with fresher longevity.  It also is hoped that individual local fellowships nationwide and globally can distribute this among their members, and in turn, they can provide the SCAnner with exclusive items to print in that version along with here online.

As always, any please feel free to send me any comments you might have on it, or anything SCAnner-related.

Thanks as always for allowing me to be of service.


New York Intergroup 2013 Annual Report

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Hot off the presses, please find the above here.

New York Intergroup News April 2014

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Hot off the presses, please find the above here.

New Friday Phone Meeting Flyers

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Per SCA Toronto's announcement below, please find here a flyer for the above (note the location-specific time zone; be sure to adjust for your own location).

In the spirit of rotating service positions, the ISO is seeking nominations and/or volunteers for several of its key service positions, including Fiduciary Chair and Inreach Chair.

More info can be found here, and please contact SCA ISO for further information.

ISO Contributions/Donations - Please Read

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An interruption in pickup from the ISO post office box in New York might have inadvertedly caused group and individual donations to be returned to senders.

Please excuse any inconvenience, and be sure to resend those donations--ISO very much welcomes and is quite grateful for them!

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