New Wednesday SCA Telephone Meeting

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The following is being posted to the SCAnner, ISO List, Inreach Committee List, Outreach Committee, Fiduciary Committee, Online Intergroup Ops. List, and members of the Sunday telephone meeting.

We are very pleased to announce that a new weekly telephone meeting will be starting on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 under the auspices of Online Intergroup. The meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. New York time every Wednesday. Services like can tell you the equivalent time in your location. The new Wednesday meeting will largely mirror the existing Sunday telephone meeting. The meeting will be conducted in English.

All SCA members worldwide are welcome to attend, as are members from other "S" fellowships, and anyone qualifying under SCA's Third Tradition.

The meeting will be hosted via the Calliflower Conference Call system that is currently being used by the Sunday telephone meeting, ISO and several ISO Committees. This allows most people to call in free via Skype to Skype bridge, free or at low cost via Google Voice or Gmail Call Phone depending on where you live, and at normal local tariffs via regular phone to local numbers provided by Calliflower in many areas. In rare cases, long distance charges may apply.

If you wish to attend a telephone meeting, or are already a participant in the Sunday meeting and also want to attend the Wednesday meeting, please register in one of the following ways:

Ø  Send an email with your first name and last initial, plus the email address to which your Calliflower invitation and weekly reminders should be sent, to:

Ø  Sign up via the SCA website at:

Please specify which meetings you wish to attend, e.g. "Wednesdays" or "Sundays" or "Wednesdays and Sundays."

General background information on participating can be viewed in previous SCAnner postings about the Sunday telephone meeting:

Online Intergroup is excited to be offering this additional meeting option, and we hope it will prove to be a success. Its viability will depend not only on members attending, but also on members getting involved in telephone meeting service, and chairing in particular. Both telephone meetings are looking for volunteers, and training is offered.

An updated flyer for the telephone meetings is also being distributed throughout the fellowship. Please circulate it and pass this news on to groups and members everywhere!

In service,

Kevin - SCA Toronto

& Online Intergroup 

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