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LA Intergroup meets

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Michael from LA reports --
At the May Intergroup meeting, it was suggested that I, as Secretary of Los Angeles Intergroup, prepare a bullet-points list of the main things that happened at the meeting, and circulate that shortly after the meeting.  The purpose of this is so that the representatives who attended the meeting, as well as those who didn't make it, would have a handy reference to print out, take with them and read to the meeting that they represent.
I didn't do it for May, but have done so for the June meeting, which was on June 18th.  The summary is below.
I gave this report at the Wednesday night meeting last night, which I represent.  Please do the same for the meetings that you represent, or, if your meeting does not have an elected Intergroup rep, anyone is welcome to make these announcements at the meeting.
Best regards,

Highlights of June 2011 Intergroup Meeting
1.   Benno sent a report which stated that our budget for 2011 (which was a "bare bones" budget, with many items "zeroed out") was $2,800. However, Seventh Tradition donations from meetings for the first six months of 2011 were only $338.60. It was suggested that Intergroup representatives go back to their meetings and check with the meeting's Treasurer to see whether the group can make an Intergroup donation.
2.   Intergroup Chair Jim S. brought a flyer from the Cocaine Anonymous fellowship, which publicizes their "Meeting of the Month." A discussion of the pros and cons of doing the same thing in SCA followed.
3.   Newcomer Outreach Chair Scott P. reported that he had put together a small committee of actual newcomers to SCA, to solicit their input about how we can be of service to newcomers to our meetings. Scott emphasized the importance of making contact with newcomers at meetings.
4. Dan W. reported that SCA accepted the invitation by the organizers of the annual AA/Al-Anon Roundup to hold an SCA meeting at this year's convention. A meeting was held, and attended by about 15 people.
Dan also led a workshop at that event titled "Men, Sex and Sobriety," which had 110 attendees! SCA's goal in participating in this event was to make members of other 12-Step programs aware of the existence of SCA.
5.   Legal Outreach Chair Dennis S. has set a goal of finding a way to connect with judges via email.
6.   Workshop Chair Bob L. handed out packets of flyers for the next workshop, which will be held Saturday July 9th at Plummer Park. The topic of the workshop is Steps 2 and 3. Attendees were asked to take the flyers back to the SCA meeting that they represent (or regularly attend) and distribute them.
7.   Spanish Language Liaison Victor R. reported (through Gordon) that he is working with other SCA members in New York to coordinate efforts to translate SCA literature into Spanish.
8.   ISO Representative Sid W. reported that the annual ISO Conference will be held in Toronto in April 2012. He also reported that SCA/New York is starting to scan SCA archival material to preserve it in our archives.
9.   Discussion of the issue of whether an Intergroup Representative should be permitted to represent and vote on behalf of more than two SCA meetings was tabled until July's Intergroup meeting.

A new (old) SCAnner logo

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Thanks to a suggestion by Kevin from Toronto, and the scanning of archival copies of the SCAnner by Frank H. of New York, we now have a new/old logo for the SCAnner.

The SCAnner Lamp was a regular feature from our earliest days, though it has appeared in a variety of forms, including a candle at times. The one we've chosen was used for many years starting in 1990, the year the SCAnner began.


Write a show for SCA New York

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A request for proposals for the Holiday Show 2011

Who, me? Yes, you. Anyone can write a show for SCA. Team up with others if you like and make it a group effort. This is a great chance to do service in a unique, creative way.

Even if you can't write a show just now, we'd love to have you involved. Check on the requirements and attend the meeting this Saturday, June 25.

SCA turns 30 in June 2012

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At the last New York Intergroup meeting we decided to roll the 30th Anniversary celebration together with our 2012 Spring Conference in May.

The Special Events committee  of SCA NY will plan/host the festivities taking place in NY, and we will need a team effort to make this a big community celebration as it deserves. 

Sunday July 10, 2011, at 2:30pm we will hold a brief "Vision/Roadmap" meeting to commence planning for this event. *All are welcome*

The regular Intergroup meeting starts at 3pm that same day, we'll meet near the door and find a place to informally chat nearby. This is an early meeting, 30 minutes should suffice. As we get closer to the event, we can add time/space.

Email info: events@scany.org

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