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For everyone who attended, everyone who volunteered this past weekend, and everyone who helped put it all together ... you did an amazing service and helped carry the message in a truly memorable way. THANK YOU. 

HP was there in partnership with pure genius on so many levels, including: 

Beau Chris Danielle Darren Eddie Frank G Frederick Jeffrey Jane Jensen John Josh Judy Karl K Karl S Kenny Lane Leyden Marshall Michael G Michael R Norbert Phil Steve Terence Todd Tom Tony D Tony W 


What's next: 

Our report on the conference will be given at the next SCA NY Intergroup meeting Sunday June 5th 3-5pm at the LGBT Center. Please come! We'll bring snacks and refreshments to celebrate. It was a success in every way. 

Tell your friends about our email list
The shows and conferences are growing every year, we'd love to reach more people. If you enjoyed your experience, please let people know how to stay in touch with us. Anyone who wishes to join the SCA NY email list can simply email and we'll add them on. Don't miss out on the fun and recovery both. 

Sign up to volunteer at a future SCA event.We always need your help and service. 

A Halloween Dance/Party is in the early stages of planning - stay tuned. 

Request for Proposals for the Holiday Show/Party will be coming up in a short while. Give yourself all summer to write your script/book and start rehearsals in the Fall. Even if you've never written anything before, you can always team up with someone who has and form a creative team, write up a brief proposal for a show and come talk about it at our planning meeting. Stay tuned here for more information. 

Hope to see you soon, 

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