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800 number response

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There is a service position available to anyone who has at least a year on a sexual recovery plan.

Volunteers from anywhere in the United States or Canada are needed to respond to the calls that come in on our 800 number. It is a two-day commitment every week and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. If you are interested, please contact outreach@sca-recovery.org, 1 212 799 0952, 1 646 415 1542. I am the Chair of ISO's Outreach Committee.

Step Study Workshops in Los Angeles

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This series of workshops is for the NEWCOMER or a member WHO'S STILL STRUGGLING. 

Our goal is to provide a safe space to actually work the steps on a monthly basis. We begin July 24 with Step 1, continuing through January with Step 12. 

We will study, write and share through each step using the AA Big Book and AA 12 & 12.
Location:  Plummer Park (Art Room 1), West Hollywood, CA
Sat    7/24     Step 1   9:00‐4:00 Sex & Love Addiction (all-day retreat)
Sat    8/28     Steps 2/3    9:00‐12:00        Find a Higher Power
Sat    9/25     Steps 4/5    9:00‐4:00 Uncover the Real Problem (all-day retreat)
Sat    10/23    Steps 6/7   9:00‐12:00        Release Defects of Character 
Sun   11/21     Steps 8/9   9:00‐12:00        Repair the Damage to Others
Sun   12/19     Steps 10/11      9:00‐12:00       Prayer and Meditation
Sat     1/22    Step 12      9:00‐12:00        Sponsorship, Practice These Principles

Materials:      AA Big Book, AA 12 & 12, Pen/Pencil, Large Spiral ring notebook
Cost:    $10 per session (suggested donation to help pay printing costs).
None turned away for lack of funds. Net proceeds go to SCA/LA Intergroup.

For more information: A flyer is being distributed at meetings.

News from Berlin

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Berlin has three active meetings, some with new times or locations, and has new contact information. Here is the update:

TUESDAY 8:00 PM - Lausitzer Strasse 8, "Stadtteilzentrum", Berlin -
THURSDAY 11:30 AM - Lausitzer Strasse 8, "Stadtteilzentrum", Berlin -
FRIDAY 6:00 PM - Buelowstrasse 106, Nollendorfplatz, "Mann-O-Meter",
CONTACT: scaberlin@gmx.net

Los Angeles Intergroup Service Day

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There's LOTS to do!

Jump start your recovery and jump into service!

WHEN: Saturday, June 19, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

WHERE: SHARE!, 425 South Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90012

  • Monthly workshop for newcomers,
  • Monthly workshop for Spanish language newcomers,
  • Literature "If you were sent here by the courts" with FAQ,
  • Court Forms uploaded to web site,
  • business card driving traffic to website,
  • New website and phone number updated in all public information materials -- frontiers, blade, Adelante, village newsletter, court outreach letter, therapists outreach letter,
  • Updated procedures and committee for answering Google voice calls,
  • Media response plan.
  • Media contact information updated on website,
  • Newcomer "best practices" document,
  • Sample meeting script language and "welcome message" and procedures,
  • Updated intergroup meeting list {including email and phone number) with current secretary, treasurer and intergroup rep for each meeting,
  • New meeting drop kit,
  • List of possible new meeting locations and times,
  • Updated Spanish language information on website,
  • H&I committee procedures and pool of speakers for speaker panels,
  • refreshed and updated court outreach campaign,
  • Refreshed and updated therapists and psychiatrists outreach campaign.

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