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Interfellowship event in New York

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SCA on an international level has been involved in the Interfellowship Forum
since the early '90's.  The basic principle of this forum is to enable
cooperation between the "S" fellowships. In the spirit of cooperation, we note
the following information received from the New York Intergroup of Sex Addicts Anonymous.


SAA Intergroup of Metro NY will be holding a Share-A-Day on 12 June 2010.
All S-fellowship members are welcome to attend.

Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012

8:00 a.m.- 9:15 a.m.  BREAKFAST TIME
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  MORNING PROGRAM
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.  LUNCH TIME
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  AFTERNOON PROGRAM

Suggested Donation: $15. Donations can be made at the door.


Planning begins for NY holiday show

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Want to write and/or direct an SCA show?

Two important dates coming up to prepare for the SCA-NY Holiday Party, to be held on Sat., Dec. 11.

Sat, June 12th - General Information Meeting / Optional
Sat, June 26th - Public Vote on Show Proposals / Required for Writers/Directors (or send proxy)

Why meet/decide so early?  It's best to give writers enough time to write their work, and commence casting in the Fall.  A few months of rehearsal and we're already square at December.

This is not a call for actors/performers.  That will be announced at a later date.
Please DO come though to the meeting, if you want a voice in deciding the future show.

Any questions, please speak to Brian S, Jeffrey W or Tony D in SCA meetings.

DC Newsletter is out ...

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The latest issue includes the first part of Jim P.'s story, along with Ethan T.'s story of dual addictions. An excerpt:

I'll be the first to admit that I have had the occasional slip-up in
my S-program. However, when I look back at how
unmanageable my life had become, I realize just how much
progress, albeit incremental, I have made. I feel so incredibly
blessed and grateful to have found these rooms. I would not
wish either of these addictions on my worst enemy but I can
honestly say that I am a better, richer, and happier person as a
result of my arduous journey. And I'll definitely keep coming

For the latest edition and an archive of past issues, click here.

St. Louis Retreat - Registration Open

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Gateway to Recovery Retreat
August 27-29

The second annual interfellowship retreat sponsored by St. Louis Intergroup will be held at the Marinist Center near Eureka, MO. The brochure is now out.

Registration Options

ÔÄčAll 3 days, w/6 meals, bedding and linen:
$190.00 per person ($210 if registration received after 8/7)

Saturday only, w/ 3 meals:
$90.00 per person (no scholarships available)

Limited scholarships will be available for
those unable to pay the full weekend tuition.

Send registration form with $100 deposit
(Saturday-only registrants send full
tuition) by August 7 for the discounted
rate. Full payment is due August 21.

Please make checks (no cash) payable to:
St. Louis Retreat Committee.
You will
receive registration confirmation by mid-August,
which will provide directions and
all necessary details.

For more information, please contact:

Southern California Workshop/Potluck

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Bring a dish to share and a pen to write.

Long Beach, California
Sunday, June 20
Noon: Potluck
1:00-2:30 p.m.: Workshop on Journaling

Contact Los Angeles Intergroup for location.

News from Belgium

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Belgium has recently held its national Intergroup meeting and will be sending an update. In the meantime, they want people to note that the Brussels meeting is in a new location (same time as before).



Meetings are conducted in Flemish. There are often speakers of English
and/or French in attendance as well. Please visit the Belgium website
for additional details.

Louis Straussstraat 3
Exporex (next to Christ the King Church)
Every Monday from 20 to 22h.

Goede Bijstandsstraat 5
Every Tuesday from 20 to 22h.

Tenderstraat 14
Every first and third Tuesday of the month from 20h to 22h.

Ravenstraat 98
(Access: opposite nr. 99, go under the building through the Dominicans
Fathers to the rear building, where you enter through the glass door
and knock on the door with the "SCA" sign)
Every Thursday from 20 to 22h.

St. Louis Retreat - Hold the Date

Gateway to Recovery Retreat
August 27-29

The second annual retreat sponsored by St. Louis Intergroup will be held at the Marinist Center near Eureka, MO. The brochure will be out by the end of May.

News from DC

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The Washington Intergroup produces a newsletter six times a year. The most recent features a "My Story" by Craig C. and an article about the Sexual Recovery Plan by Randy G. Here are some excerpts.

From Craig:
My experience with SCA was a beacon of hope for me. In my first meeting, I
immediately recognize at least two people in the meeting from my past
hookups. Although I was a little afraid that people who I used to know in
my life would know my secret, I realize now that's the point - to not
to have secrets about this. If there is one activity that has given me my
year of sobriety, it's been the ability to come into an SCA meeting and
to talk about my addiction to include my fears, triumphs and trials. My
relationship with my partner has become even stronger, and we are both
growing as individuals and as couples. And for that I am grateful. 
From Randy:
That is why I need a recovery plan, and why I always have to think clearly
about the choices I am making and their impact on not just myself but the
other important people in my life; my family. I have been blessed with a
very supportive, caring wife and children, but it will always continue to
depend on my choices to stay sexual sober and follow the recovery plan
that I need to achieve that goal.

An archive of the DC newsletters, including the latest one, is available at:

No spots left for LA retreat

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for the Memorial Day Weekend Retreat
Friday, May 28 - Sunday, May 30 2010
Mount Cavalry at St. Mary's
in Santa Barbara

For more information:

Outreach to the courts in Southern California

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By John F., SCA Inreach Committee chair

Los Angeles Intergroup has been discussing how best to respond to people ordered by the local courts to attend 12-Step meetings for sexual recovery. Often, these people begin with a phone call seeking information. And the courts themselves often seek information. So the Intergroup has been discussing what to include in the information packet that goes out to the courts.

The intergroup chair has asked the outreach volunteers to work on the wording and "messaging" so to make sure they are giving a concise and consistent message which spreads the SCA message across various platforms.

In keeping with the traditions, the chair expressed the hope that information about other fellowships, rehabs, psychiatrists, recovery institutes, etc., would be eliminated or kept to a bare minimum as SCA has "no opinion on outside matters" nor do we "affiliate" with outside organizations. SCA has a strong fellowship with an abundance of resources to help all addicts who suffer from sexual compulsion. The packet would also direct the clerks of the court to discard any outdated meeting list and provide them with the most current copy, which indicates which meetings sign court papers and which do not.

The LA phone list person, who has been taking these calls, suggested that a brief FAQ also be included in the packet for the first time, with some suggestions:

Where do I sign up to attend?
A. You don't; just show up at ANY of the meetings on the list that have "COURT" in their description. No reservation required. But you MUST show up on time.

Q.       How much does it cost?

A. We have no dues or fees for membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. People generally make a donation of a dollar or two at each meeting to help cover the rent of the room and the like, but this is totally up to you -- your presence is more important than your money.

Q.       What is a court form? Where do I get one?

A. It is a form that you have the meeting secretary sign and date each time you attend, to show the judge. But you MUST arrive on time for the meeting, or the secretary will not sign it.

Q.       Is there a meeting in my hometown?

A. All Los Angeles area meetings are on the enclosed list; there are no others at this time.

Q.       Are there meetings in Spanish?

A. Two each week, Silverlake and Long Beach, on meeting list.

Q.       How often can I go and have it count toward my total?

A. That's up to the judge, but many allow you to go as often as you like. There are meetings in the LA area every day of the week.

New meeting in Berlin

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Berlin reports having added a third meeting, and their other two meetings,
while continuing at the same times, have moved to different locations. 

To see the changes, go to

SCA Los Angeles One-Day Retreat

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Saturday, June 19, location: TBD.  Please hold the date. The purpose is to have a one day planning session for our 12th Step Work.

New Spanish Meeting in Southern California

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Spanish speaking meeting starts in Long Beach next Saturday, May 8th, 2010, at 11:15 a.m. Address: 935 E. Broadway, at Unity Church, in the basement. It will be an hour long, open meeting, and we will sign court cards.

This Spanish-speaking meeting will begin 15 minutes after the 10:00 a.m. English-speaking SCA meeting, in the same location.

Welcome to the SCAnner

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This is our new format. If you are interested in writing for the SCAnner, whether as an individual or representing a group or intergroup, please contact us through the "About Us" page at the right.

SCA Conferences and Events

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