Call for help from Fiduciary

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The Fiduciary Committee has two service positions open. If you're interested in either, or have a sponsee who might be, please contact the committee through the ISO site, 

1) Webmaster. This person will supervise the transition to our new website design, with the assistance of John F (interim web helper) and Marty S (chair of ad-hoc website redesign committee). After the transition is complete, the webmaster will be responsible for keeping the content current, implementing any desired changes after consultation with the Fiduciary Committee, and generally being responsible for the site. Over the past two years, changes have been minimal, so this position can have a small commitment of time or a large one, depending on the desires of the webmaster. This position may be filled from anywhere, the person does not need to be a US resident. The webmaster will be expected to participate in the Fiduciary Committee, including its quarterly phone calls, and to present an annual written report. 

2) International Meeting List updater. This requires a commitment of perhaps an hour a month to keep the International Meeting List current. Notice of changes come from the Inreach Committee. This position may be filled from anywhere, the person does not need to be a US resident. If he or she wishes, the updater may participate in the Fiduciary Committee, including its quarterly phone calls, and present an annual written report, although this is neither expected nor required. 

2017 ISO Conference Report

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 SCA members,

The annual conference for SCA's International Service Organization (ISO) took place from March 24th-26th in Los Angeles CA. 

Among other business matters, the ISO did the following:

--approved the new  design for our international SCA website We expect this to become operational later this spring, replacing the current format that exists on that site. Our thanks to the website redesign committee, headed by Marty S.(Online Intergroup) who worked so diligently on this over the past several years. 

Our needs: a webmaster to put the finishing touches on this work and to oversee the site, going forward.

--approved a pamphlet on sponsorship. This was originally submitted by SCA's LA fellowship and has been extensively worked on by the Literature Development Committee. It will be published later this year, after final editing details, such as chapter headings and cover design are completed. We also welcomed Peter C (LA) as Literature Development Chair.

---conditionally approved a "draft version" of a commentary on the 12 Traditions of SCA. This will be published and made available for distribution quickly, which will allow time for further review and comments by the membership, pending possible final approval at next year's ISO. Our thanks to Mike O. (Chicago)  and the Recovery Book Subcommittee, which labored over this literature. One of our goals is for existing and new literature to eventually be  compiled into the making of SCA's own Big Book, which is an ongoing multi-year project.

--The Fiduciary Committee, chaired by John F. (Paris) proposed a new policy regarding the wholesale pricing on literature (which was approved unanimously). Among other things, this will cut the price of the Little Blue Book for Intergroups and Meetings by 40 %.  In addition, we authorized "printing on demand" of the Little Blue Book. Our first copies are being made by a subsidiary of Amazon, and will be sold via Amazon and its extensive network of affiliated online retailers. This will raise SCA's profile in the Recovery literature world.

--The ISO gratefully heard and accepted a report from the History & Unity Committee, (chaired by Jim M., St. Louis) and read by Bill E. (San Diego). The existing histories in the Little Blue Book focus on LA and NY, with several gaps.  This report provided new and interesting information which was well received by all. It is still a work in progress. 

Our needs: someone to serve as SCA's Archivist, whose expertise can help in this work.

--The ISO also approved a slight change in the well known "4-Fold", which will provide a section on how to donate to SCA directly through our website: It will also have space for the various Intergroups and Meetings to add labels with their own contact and website information.

--ISO also amended  one section of its By-Laws, eliminating the 2nd Outside Director position, which had never been filled. It also increased the Director-at-Large's term from one-year to two-years , starting in 2018, and who will be elected in even-numbered years thereafter. ISO thanked Kevin B. (Toronto)  for completing his 4 years of serving as Director-at Large.

--ISO elected the following to serve 2-year terms on the Executive Committee:

Gordon B. (NYK)  Chair

RIch K. (LA) Outreach Chair

Linda Engstrom (non-SCA) Outside Director

--ISO elected Dan W. (LA) to serve a 1-year term as Director-at Large

--Our Literature Distribution Chair, Phideaux X (LA) is stepping down after several years of service. David N. (Nyk) has agreed to serve in that capacity, as needed, also to write a service manual on that position, and to train Phideaux's successor. Our thanks to both.

--ISO has tentatively selected St. Louis, MO to host its 2018 Annual Conference (pending final approval by the St Louis Intergroup). It also selected Chicago, IL to host the 2019 Annual Conference.

Finally, may I remind everyone that ISO is YOUR service organization. If you would like to contribute ideas, start new meetings, work on literature, serve on our various committees, distribute literature, etc, we would love to hear from you. 

Our needs: people who would like to help stay in contact with and provide support for  Intergroups and meetings throughout the world. I am happy to report that Rich H. (St. Louis) has agreed  to serve as Regional Coordinator for the Midwest (USA), and Victor M. (NY) to serve as the Regional Coordinator for Asia-Pacific.

Our needs: people who would be willing to serve as Out-of-Meeting Sponsors, to help members who don't live near, or who cannot attend SCA meetings. Over the past year, we have seen an increase in volunteers for this service.

Our needs: money. We ask each Intergroup to mindfully consider regular donations to the ISO, and we also welcome donations from Individuals. This can be done on our website --

Thanks again to all those who worked so hard to make the ISO Conference a success, beginning with the LA Host Committee (Rich K.) and to all those who attended, either in person or via conference call.

yours in service,

Gordon B. (NY)

ISO Chair

Changes in Berlin

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Matthias reports from Berlin ...

One of Berlin ́s SCA meetings has changed its day, time and location. We can offer you now a weekend meeting on Saturday 7 PM- 8 PM, open to men and women and conducted in English and German.

You can find information about all our SCA meetings in Berlin in the updated International Meeting List. (Big thanks to ISO for this service!)

So if you ́re in town, we will be glad and thankful to meet you there!
SCA Berlin Intergroup

ISO holds its annual conference

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The annual meeting of the International Service Organization took place over the weekend in Los Angeles. For those who find a two-hour Intergroup business meeting stressful, just imagine meeting for 16 hours over three days!

Needless to say, a lot was accomplished. Stay tuned for reports to come.


Auditions for NY spring show

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New York Intergroup reports ...

For anyone who doesn't already know, and a reminder for those that do:
LIKE AN ADDICT: MADONNA THE EARLY YEARS....... SCA SPRING 2017.....This is not your grandmother's SCA show.....Like nothing you've seen before (still unsure if that's  a good thing)........ It's time to release your inner rock star..... 
Show Meeting
Sunday, February 26th, 3 PM 
Cap21 Studios  
18 W. 18th Street | Btwn. 5th & 6th Ave  
Room 607
The dates of the show are Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th
If you're interested but can't make the meeting just let me know.  (events @ scany)
If you're interested but don't want to be in the show there's still lots to do.
Dancers needed.  Also in need of people to choreograph some of the musical dance numbers.
Anyone attending meetings this coming week please make an announcement regarding the show meeting.  
Events Chair, SCA New York

SCA in Phoenix

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 A new SCA meeting is scheduled to start March 1, 2017 in Phoenix Arizona at the following location:

Lambda Phoenix Center
2622 N. 16th Street
Phoenix AZ 85006

Day/time: Wednesdays, 6:30pm
For more information contact Ken at

Ken L.
Louis T.
Meeting Co-Founders

News from the ISO Conference host committee

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Rich K., chair of the host committee, reports:

The 2017 ISO Conference is just about a month away.

If you haven't registered yet, please do so as soon as possible. (Ed. note: The form is available on the ISO website or from the host committee. If you don't know how to reach the ISO website, please ask.)

If you have any questions about the conference, which is being held in Plummer Park, West Hollywood, please contact the host committee at

Kansas City: bad news, good news

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Jim L. reports from Kansas City:

Hello, helpful SCA ISO helpers! I've just learned that the Kansas City SCA Tuesday night meeting (7:30 pm) at Unity on the Plaza is no longer functioning and should be deleted from the SCA-Recovery meeting page.

The Saturday morning 9:30 meeting is going strong, however (20+ people typically). Thank you for all you do.

Jim L.

New York seeks pitches for spring show

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Hey everyone, it's that time again. 

Jerry C., Special Events chair for New York Intergroup, needs your help to choose the spring show for the 2017 regional conference.
Bring your ideas.  All are welcome.  Or just attend, hear the ideas of your fellow and vote on the idea you like the most.  No show pitch will be refused.  
It's helpful to have your pitch thought through prior to the meeting.
Who: All of you and everyone else in program
What: Choosing the spring show for 2017
Where: GMHC
When: 8pm February 8th, immediately following the 6:30 beginners meeting.
Why: These shows are an immense help to everyone involved.  It would be a great service for you to participate in the meeting.

New York opens registration for winter retreat

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SCA New York invites you to register for the winter retreat and join us in Ivoryton, CT on Friday February 17th through Sunday, February 19th. View and print a PDF of the retreat registration form.

Winter SCA New York Retreat

A retreat creates a special period of time for connection, community, silence, rest, simplicity and contemplation. It can be both a "time out" from life's daily stresses as well as an opportunity to deepen one's experience of self and our connection to our program. 

Workshops, meetings, creativity, fellowship, food and snacks, nature walks, games, and more are available. This is a closed event for members of SCA only.  Advance registration is required, and the retreat fills up quickly as there is limited space.

The focus of the workshops during this retreat will be on the Tools of Recovery: Socializing & Dating, Prayer and Meditation & Writing, and The 12 Steps & Literature.

Meals: Three meals are provided each day (with a salad bar and vegetarian options at every meal) and coffee, tea, and snacks. Feel free to bring any special dietary items and your own snacks. A refrigerator and freezer are available for our use.

Rooms: Everyone has their own private room with a single bed. Most have shared bathrooms (recently renovated and very nice, with private rooms for showers and toilets), although a few (usually reserved for the women) have private bathrooms.  All rooms are assigned randomly. Please no requests!

How to get there: Most people travel as a group on Metro North from Grand Central Station to New Haven where a bus meets the group and drives on to the Incarnation Center (full details are provided on the registration form). You may drive up or carpool if you prefer.

Cost: The retreats are reasonably priced at $225 and are subsidized by SCA New York fundraisers, and a scholarship fund supported by your generous donations.

SCA Conferences and Events

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(SCA does not endorse or lend its name to Google or Twitter.)

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