Los Angeles Intergroup Meeting - Saturday, July 19th

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A discussion about the future of the SCA Court outreach program will figure prominently at Saturday's intergroup meeting, at Plummer Park from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Rooms 5 & 6.

The Los Angeles Intergroup wants to hear from as much of the fellowship as possible.  Speakers may only have a minute or two to provide their remarks, but will have the entire meeting to listen, so all are encouraged to come with an open mind and heart.

Please keep your statement within the 1-2 minute time frame.   If you are at the meeting and prepare a written statement, we can add it to the record for the archives.  If unable to attend, members can provide written statements to be read.  Please email it to the current intergroup chair Rich, rbkinla [at] msn [dot] com, and the secretary will read it.

Regional Coordinators Sought

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There is an urgent need for Regional Coordinators for the three regions of the United States.  What do Coordinators do?  They will:

  • assist the Inreach Chair with maintaining contact with Intergroups within their specific region. There are 4 conference calls during the year that regional coordinators should try to attend;  
  • possibly choose to get involved with the Literature Development subcommittee which presents newly developed literature for consideration by the ISO delegates during our annual convention.  This may involve commenting on a piece of proposed literature or actively editing a piece and having your peers comment on your ideas.  Inreach also vets translations of existing literature;
  • be instrumental in helping the addict who lives in areas of the country where there are no SCA meetings to stay connected to the program.  The Out of Meeting Sponsorship Program serves to connect people around the world providing the service of sponsorship to people who live in areas where there are no SCA meetings; and
  • provide support for addicts wishing to start SCA meetings in their area.  This is an area where service to the fellowship allows for creativity in meeting the challenges of strengthening the opportunities for all of us to recover. 

The Regional Coordinators are the front line contacts for their respective region.  Please announce the availability of these service positions at your Intergroup meeting, and encourage intergroup reps to make announcements at their respective meetings.  There is no perfect way to do service however, without people willing to perform this service nothing gets done.  

People who are willing to serve as Regional Coordinators or being out of meeting sponsors should contact Tony D. at sca [dot] iso [dot] inreach [at] gmail [dot] com

Los Angeles Literature Development Workshop

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A workshop will be held on Saturday, July 12th to discuss revisions on the upcoming new edition of the "The Little Blue Book" published by SCA.  A flyer for the event is here, containing all details including the location.

Los Angeles Barbeque Event - Benefitting 2015 Convention

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SCA L.A. will hold a July 4th picnic from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

See the flyer below.

July 4th BBQ.jpg

Los Angeles Workshop on Socializing

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The above will take place on Saturday, June 14th at Plummer Park, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  Further details are here.

New York Intergroup News May 2014

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Hot off the presses, please find the above here.

Washington, DC Spring Conference

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Please find here the flyer for the above, which will occur in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 24th.

Introducing the New SCAnner Quarterly Edition

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The ISO is proud to launch a new quarterly version of the SCAnner which harkens to the original SCAnner's roots as a regular publication of SCA.

Future editions will include still-timely/relevant items published here during the prior three months, as well as new items with fresher longevity.  It also is hoped that individual local fellowships nationwide and globally can distribute this among their members, and in turn, they can provide the SCAnner with exclusive items to print in that version along with here online.

As always, any please feel free to send me any comments you might have on it, or anything SCAnner-related.

Thanks as always for allowing me to be of service.


New York Intergroup 2013 Annual Report

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Hot off the presses, please find the above here.

New York Intergroup News April 2014

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Hot off the presses, please find the above here.

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